Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Save Money…For A Brighter Financial Future

A great need to save

As we might feel our income today is not enough so as to save, we have to remember that savings is for the future – our financial future and that of our loved ones’. We save to build wealth. Wealth is big savings. So, if I have a $1 saving, that is not a wealth, because $1 is not big. Wealth is big money that is capable of feeding us for a lifetime. We know we can feed our family presently since we can work and earn. But what about tomorrow?

Our income today is temporary. We might lost our job due to company closure or retrenchment, or due to disability and death but our needs are permanent. Needs for food, shelter, clothing, education of children, healthcare and debts. Save now for a brighter financial future. A saving today is an income tomorrow. And the best way to save is when we have income, that is, today.

Our fate

Many people want things that are guaranteed. Well in life, there are mainly two things which are guaranteed 100% - we either die too soon or live too long.

When we die too soon, we need savings for the family we left behind. That form of savings is either cash or insurance. When we live too long, we definitely need savings to sustain us when we get old and cannot work anymore. Yet if we can, doing so at a pretty older age, because we failed to save, might not be that fulfilling… still submitting to a boss younger than us, racing with people at the street and be stressed with reports and deadlines. That is the prize of not taking the financial future seriously. Old age brings in illness. When we are too weak to work, then have the savings out and use them to buy our basic needs.

For the love of self

Savings is the solution to both life’s major possibilities! Then, why should we not prepare for something that is guaranteed to happen?

In biblical times, when Egypt had seven years of abundance and seven years of famine, the famine was survived by the country because they practiced to save 15% of their harvest during the seven years of abundance, to prepare for the financial future that they were already informed of. Not all countries saved though. Egypt did because of the the divine guidance which was brought to them through the dream of Joseph. Those savings sustained them during the famine years. Other countries who failed to save even came to them for help.

We are living in duality - day and night, up and down, rich and poor, abundance and famine. Albeit these things cannot be stopped from happening, still we can do something by being prepared. Savings is definitely a way to prepare or shape our financial future.

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