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Singapore - land of splendor, discipline and advancement. thanks to the upcoming IMG convention next month. every IMG member has the right reason to visit Singapore,
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Save the Moment Onto the 510 Plus Mini Voice Recorder

Record phone calls, business talks, class sessions, meetings, law matters, conventions, business conferences and even cell phone conversations with the 510 Plus Mini Voice Recorder.
High Quality Voice Recording
From the professional manufacturer of security products, Record Your Life Inc., this amazing digital voice recorder is a sound-recording device to record speech for later playback. It automatically activates upon detecting a sound and ends when the phones hang up.That is Voice Operated Recording or VOR recording capability.

This device has the capability of recording secretly, so the voice owners will never know they are being saved, making it ideals for business meetings when recording should be done in a discreet manner. It likewise has a secret recording with no LCD display and vibration, hearing aid function, file management and recovery.

With a frequency of 120Hz – 10kHz, 510 Plus telephone recorder has a signal to noise ratio of 60Db Power Operated Recording or POR that turns on the power of the recorder upon hearing the voice.

Recording can also be scheduled and the device is compatible with every telephone and cellular phone. Aside from these, it has big letters on display, has an easy menu and can record up to 260 hours (more than 10 days).

The 510 Plus digital recorder comes with an earphone, battery pack, manual and USB cable. For more information on the recording device, please click here on 510 Plus Mini Voice Recorder and see the product features yourself.

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Global Warming Or Greenhouse Effect – A Fatal Warning!

Global warming and greenhouse effect

Global warming is when the temperature rises or when the earth heats up abnormally as a greenhouse effect. It happens when gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and water vapor trap heat and light from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere. This is dangerous to the living things on earth…and can even cause death. Global warming can cause the numerous ice and snow to melt, adding water to earth, causing numerous islands to sink.

Global warming and green house effect are two highly-related topics. A greenhouse is a small glass house used to grow plants especially during cold climates like winter. It works by trapping heat from the sun and does not let it out, which causes the house to heat up to keep the plants inside alive. Global warming is when the earth is too warm. Greenhouse is like a car parked in the sunlight. It can let the heat get in, but traps it inside.

Greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere act like the glass panes in a greenhouse. When sunlight enters the atmosphere of the earth, it passes through the blanket of greenhouse gasses. Air, water, and land absorb the sunlight’s energy when it reaches the earth. Once absorbed, some energy passed back into space, out of the earth, but because of so many greenhouse gases, they remain trapped in the atmosphere by the greenhouse gases, causing much heat for the world.

Before the problem of global warming, greenhouse effect normally is good for the biosphere. Without it, the earth would be freezing during nighttime, when the sun is absent; or it can be burning hot during daytime. But if there will be too many gases, the earth gets unusually warmer, causing death to plants, animals and to the people on it.

What cause global warming and what we can do

Electrical pollution is one of the causes of pollution. Fossil fuels like petroleum and oil, the source of electricity, contribute to greenhouse gasses. They are made of dead animals and plants. When fossil fuels are burned, many pollutants are sent to the air, some of which are greenhouse gasses. Contributing to global warming and greenhouse effect are other very common things that use energy and pollute the air are turning on a light, watching T.V., listening to a stereo, using a hair dryer, riding a car, using the microwave or air-conditioner and many others that we just do every single minute on earth.

Another thing that causes global warming is when people cut down trees, disabling the trees to collect other greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Without oxygen, humans cannot live.

People can contribute to the prevention of global warming by carpooling, recycling garbage, planting trees and not using things containing chemicals that produce more greenhouse gasses. It shall be difficult if the Earth, our habitat, is destroyed. It will fire back to us. Global warming and green house effect prevention is a collective effort. All people must cooperate with each other to help save the planet, not only for our generation but for the next generations as well.

Taking the Risk – from Employee to Entrepreneur

Employee and entrepreneur

Having a business, being your own boss and owning your own time are amusing ideas to think about. Many people wish to be in this position. But the transition of giving up your job that gives you regular salary, your job that gives you stable income, stable enough to pay the bills, for something that is yet unknown and unfamiliar is a scary thing.

However, you are also giving yourself a chance to explore unlimited possibilities. Having the transition from employee to entrepreneur is worth it if you exactly are ready to take the risk. Becoming an entrepreneur requires a lot more discipline, hard work and a big deal of sacrifice.

To be or not to be an entrepreneur

If you are an employee, to become an entrepreneur is an extremely personal decision. A thing that needs to be weighed about seriously, debated and discussed with family and friends. It depends on the person in the front line if he takes the risk or not. Remember, there is no right and wrong decision; only right and wrong time. The following have to be considered so as to make entrepreneurship really the green grass at the other side of the fence.

One big advice is to save at least 6 months income before quitting your job. As business can go up and down, there is a buffer to save your needs even if the business income is low or zero.

Or do your job and business simultaneously. Juggling between being an employee and an entrepreneur is one of the safest first steps anyone can do. Keep your job and do your business during your spare time. This would allow you to accumulate business experience and income as well. When you go full time with your entrepreneurship, you will have more money and experience to run it.

No turning back

Once you decide to leave the world of employment to the world of entrepreneurship and think there is always the option of going back to the security and safety of your job, chances are you will not succeed in your business. In a sense, you are closing one door behind to open another door. Never think of the option to come back to becoming an employee. Regard it as a life-and-death option wherein you have no other choice but to move on. So focus on your entrepreneurship and get ahead.

For those who already made it into successful entrepreneurship, ask them about regrets of leaving their job and they could not afford to even think about it. They would not exchange the mountains over mountains of challenges and problems of entrepreneurship to the security of employment.

The entrepreneurship journey is definitely composed of ups and downs. There are more thorns than roses on its road. Yet, the trip is worth taking…at least once in a lifetime.

How to Overcome Shyness and Gain Self-Confidence


Many people lack self-confidence and inwardly directed. They prefer to process the world on their own, answer their own questions and come up to a conclusion alone. This type of personality has advantages and disadvantages. The good side is you can develop an analytical thinking and self-independence. On the other hand, you can develop shyness.

Shyness comes from fear – fear of being ignored or humiliated. Fear of speaking up and be heard. It can also be caused by insecurity and oversensitivity. When you think speaking out can cause embarrassment and pain, of course you will avoid it!

Tips to overcome shyness

However, shyness is an obstacle to success. Shy people usually do not want this trait but wonder how to overcome it. The following are some tips to get rid of shyness and gain self-confidence.

Do not take people personally. Some people are afraid to speak due to some bad experiences like being angrily dismissed by an adult at an early age. We have to understand that the way people react to us has nothing to do with us normally, but it is more likely on their mood or experiences in life. So, we should not take it personally.

Most people are the same. You have to realize that other people are as shy as you. They are not as smart as you think. So, if you have a question, most likely that question is what they are thinking of too.

Do not be bias. Do not judge people generally. Shyness and lack of self-confidence haunt many of them also. By nature though, people are friendly and kind. They are interested to hear about you and will favorably respond to your attempt to connect with them. Most of them shall be thrilled that you took the initiative to be interested with them.

Value yourself. Insecurity can be caused by a thinking that you are invaluable and that you have nothing to contribute. You have to recognize your thoughts and their possible values to others. Share yourself to others. Contribute to life. You might just be an enlightenment to someone. Let the world hear your ideas and opinions.

Sit in front of any meeting or gathering. Make yourself visible. Lead those people with shyness and those who lack self-confidence to do something different. Understand that sharing your insights to others is doing them a favor. When you speak, speak loud and clear then you will gain control over the audience. Once you get used of opening up, you will see how people react positively. This will build in you more self-confidence and trust in other’s goodwill.

Appear friendly and approachable. Project openness. Do put your arms at sides when talking with people (do not have them crossed), stretch out your legs, put your elbows away from your body, lean forward making an impression that you are interested and stand straight instead of slouching. Encourage people to talk to you so that they would also conquer shyness and gradually develop self-confidence. Be willing to listen to what they say. Be passionate and interested about them. Then you will become the life of the crowd. You will become someone everyone wants to converse with.

Eye contact, smile and laugh. This is very crucial since your eyes represent your soul. Eye contact projects honesty and trustworthiness. People will tend to respect you as well. Smile often. It makes people feel comfortable with you and most likely send back the smile. Laugh if you are amused. It helps ease tension and makes you feel more relaxed.

Life has a lot to offer for people to savor it. Having overcome shyness and gained self-confidence is a totally different world. It gives you the chance to move on with life, appreciate people and events more and go on pursuing success smoothly.

How to Study Effectively – Tips To Become the Top of the Class

To study effectively is the first concern of those aiming to be at the top of the class. To be the best among peers is no joke, especially, if there are other students who are also quite good and you want to surpass. Here is a list of tips on how to study effectively and land the best of your class. Check this out.

Study when you are sharpest. Observe your body-clock when you are sharpest. Morning or evening, just follow it. Then set your hardest materials on this time when you are mentally at best, the easier ones when you are less efficient. Study when you are alert, rested and have planned for it. Last minute studying is usually a waste of time.

Get comfortable with your chair and desk to study effectively. To be at the top of the class is no joke. You have to consider even small things like chairs and desk. Your chair must be comfortable, but not too much; just enough to support your back. Relax your body so that your energy goes to your brain. Your desk must be clear and have only the things you need. Seeing other things like assessments or other bills may distract and increase your anxiety.

Eat small meals in between. Avoid eating big meals especially before a study session. Becoming full can bring your body to “rest” mode and might not be effective for studying.

Drink plenty of water especially when you feel sluggish. Another way to study effectively to stay on top of the class is to avoid so much caffeine. It keeps you awake but can increase anxiety.

Take hourly breaks. It is important to take a break when you feel almost tired. At least once an hour is fine to sustain your focus. When you sit down for a quite a long period, your blood goes to the lower part of your body because of gravity. Stretch during your breaks and walk around to help circulation and release tension. You may extend your breaks if needed.

Have a place and schedule to study. Study at the same place at the same time to get the habit of studying.

Study the exams that came out in the past. It is one of the best ways to study effectively. They contain points and keys that most likely will also come out in the future exams and help you stay on top of the class.

The SQ3R method

SQ3R stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review. Survey gives you the total picture

Survey. Gives you the total scope of your lessons to study. It is like a road map before going to a trip. Surveying is planning. It’s the best way to begin.

Question. Ask questions. They are very important to learning. It helps you find the points that make sense to you.

Read. Read with concentration, not just skimming. Scan. Read and study effectively. Look for the answers of the questions you have plotted. Read everything including tables, graphs and illustrations. Watch for italized or bold materials. Emphasis are put on them. Very helpful tip to stay on top of the class.

Recite. Stop every now and then to recall what you have read. Recite to yourself. Recall main headings, important concepts and ideas.

Review. A review is a summary of what you have studied. Rereading, if needed is important. Go over your notes and clarify things that are not clear to you. Review after every study, not just before an examination. If you review regularly, examination time can just be easy for you.

These tips have proven to be strategies of successful students to study effectively and maintain their status of staying on top of the class. Studying is thinking, organizing and learning in school. Tried and tested, these tips make the students succeed in their goals and make a good reputation for themselves. Since they are already proven, you just need to implement them.

Doing Away with Office Politics – Solutions to Workplace Problems

Office politics happened because of the complexities of human nature, which in turn create workplace problems. With many people working around you, who have different ideas and personalities, issues sometimes rise up and result to disagreements. You will rise if you have the right influence and power. However, you should try to handle yourself so that you will not be adversely affected by it. Some are the list of things you might want to apply in your workplace.

Go away from internal groupings. Managers or CEOs like to form groups for support and comfort. You must remain neutral and maintain distance. It is safest and can be of help in the long run.

Be observant. Keep your eyes and ears open for talks. Do not mind office politics sometimes. However, ask questions from seniors, boss or managers. It can help you analyze why some workplace problems occur. Learn from them. Observe their activities, values and grounds where decisions are based from. Then you will have a clear idea of your company’s work culture.

Practice being nice. Take time to help a co-worker on top of your own load and responsibilities. It maybe staying late with them to finish something or do some negotiations in their behalf because they cannot do it; or just anything. If others are not this nice, they will most likely be influenced. They will also help you when you need them. Just set the trend. You want a workplace with people who forget office politics – people who are nice and helping each other. This can solve a lot of workplace problems. So be the first one to do it…and do it sincerely.

Don't rely on your job competence. Research says that heads prefer to work with someone who is nice and not competent than someone competent but not likeable. Office politics is about being likable. So be it.

Be visible. Do not just sit in your workplace. You can sometimes walk around and greet your co-workers. Strike conversations in the corridors or pantries. To appear like an approachable worker is a big plus especially if it is coupled with effectiveness. They will remember your face and know who to approach when in need. By this, you will gain influence and power.

Office politics can be an easy game, that is, if you know how to play with it. You can contribute a great deal to many workplace problems. Be wary and aware on playing with office politics though. It can also be risky if your motives are for self-interests alone. Your co-workers can spot that ahead of time. Just be yourself, be sincere to establish the rightful employee’s mindset in your workplace.

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Chemotherapy Fears – How to Deal With Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy fears happen when you are suggested to go chemotherapy to cure your cancer cells, it is but normal to be scared and anxious especially for first timers. How to deal with chemotherapy is something that is doable with the patient’s effort and his family’s support. While support of family and close friends can be very helpful, your help to yourself is the most contributing factor of handling chemotherapy fears.

When your cancer is for real

With chemotherapy as a treatment, you finally realize that you have cancer and it is for real. This is when chemotherapy fears start and it is important to know how to deal with it.

For the first phase of a chemo treatment, no symptoms might be felt and the patient shall question himself if he made the right decision to go chemo or not. That the benefits of treatment are far better than the side effects. This holds true to people with more side effects and their worries are higher.

Specify your fears

Doctors recommend patients to identify their fears. Specify which one are they afraid of. Is it the chemo itself or its side effects? Chemotherapy fears can be fear of losing your hair. Or of changing your appearance. However, if you know how to deal with it, then everything will just be fine.

Are you afraid of nausea? Of fatigue? Or of pain? Or are you afraid to die? Or are you simply afraid of staying in a clinic or hospital. The more specific the fear, the more specific is the help. For example, if you are afraid of the needles or of the IV put in your arm or hand, your doctor will see to it that you get a local anesthetic to numb the area or you get a sedative.

A support group can be very helpful. It can make the chemo experience normal. They can help get rid of your chemotherapy fears and how to deal with it throughout the treatment and make action plans to move on normally.

Other techniques to reduce fears and stress

There are some techniques that help rid the fears and stress of chemotherapy. Though they are new and studies are ongoing, some results show positive outcomes for patients who undergo these techniques. Examples of which are prayer, guided imagery, aromatherapy, massage, meditation, hypnosis, journaling, music therapy, support groups, yoga and tai chi.

Love of self, family and friends

It is significant for a patient to have a good family foundation to feel his self-worth. The love the patient has for his family and close friends can make him fight for his cancer not only for his own sake but for the sake of those whom he loves. Then chemotherapy fears and how to deal with the treatment can be just any normal experience.

Chemotherapy - a Famous Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy is a leading cancer treatment that kills cancer cells. While cancer kills one’s health, its cure that is chemotherapy kills one’s finances. Chemotherapy is not only an expensive process but a continuous one as well. Yet, cancer has to be cured to save one’s life.


Chemotherapy, as a cancer treatment targets the cells. Cells are the body’s basic unit of life. Our body is made up of many cells that divide and grow in a programmed way to yield more cells so the body grows and stays healthy. These cells die naturally and replaced with new ones when they become damaged or old.

Cancer starts in cells when this process goes wrong. When cells do not die when they should and new cells are produced, extra cells which the body does not need become numerous and may form a tissue called tumor.


Chemotherapy means to treat by chemicals to kill cancerous cells. Shortened as “chemo”, it is a systematic therapy, meaning, it affects the entire body by going through the bloodstream.

Chemotherapy uses chemicals that interfere with the division of the cell. This cancer treatment damages the proteins or DNA so that cancer cells will commit suicide. Chemotherapy targets the cells that are rapidly dividing, including the normal cells. However, normal cells can recover from damage while the cancer cells cannot.

Adjuvant, neoadjuvant and chemo regimens

Adjuvant chemotherapy is one given after surgery, when surgery treatment is needed as a cancer primary treatment. This is oftentimes true with breast cancer treatment. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy is one given before surgery so that lesser tissues can be removed as this can shrink the cancer cells. In most cases, chemo medicines are given in combination also known as chemo regimens.

Side effects

As a cancer treatment, chemo cures cancer that has metastasized because the medicines can travel throughout the entire body. This is common treatment for lymphoma and leukemia. It occurs in cycles, giving the body a time to heal itself between doses.

Chemo can also kill good cells that multiply fast. Good cells are those found in the digestive tract, bone marrow and hair follicles. That is why, it causes side effects such as hair loss, decrease blood cells production and inflammation of the lining of the digestive tract. Other side effects are nausea, vomiting and fatigue.

Prevention – the Best Way to Fight Cancer

It is always good news for everyone that even the world’s most dreadful diseases can be avoided through prevention before they ever happen. Prevention is the best way to fight cancer. All the hassles, fears and anxiety of having cancer is nothing if we prevent of having it in our body in the first place.

Prevention can be easy if we are willing to do it. Just keep in mind that it is simple and non-complicated. Yet, it is the best way to fight cancer. Cancers that are behavioral are very easy to prevent. An example of which is smoking and drinking. Choosing not to smoke or drink alcohol greatly lower the risk of various types of cancer – like mouth, throat, lung and liver cancer. Even if you are a currently smoking, quitting can still significantly reduce your chances of getting cancer.

We can all avoid skin cancer by keeping away from the direct rays of the sun. We can do so by protecting ourselves with a shirt, a hat or staying in the shade. Skin cancer prevention can mean to use sunscreens. Sunscreens are not expensive and easy to apply. Yet they are one of the simplest and best ways to fight cancer of the skin.

Food and diet

Food and diet are important. The food we eat is linked to the formation of cancer in our body. Doctors recommend diets which are low in fat. Fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains are best to eat everyday.

Fruits and vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables can help a poor diet to be healthy. Vegetables have antioxidants that may help stop or prevent cancers.

Antioxidants such as vitamin C help the body repair itself after an illness or stress. It likewise helps the body be protected from illness in the future. They are a great prevention and the best way to fight cancer Lycopene in tomatoes, for example, help protect your eyes from sight problems.


Some vaccinations are associated with cancer prevention. This includes vaccination for the human papillomavirus which is related to cervical cancer. Vaccines for hepatitis B prevent the Hepatitis B virus, that can cause cancer in the liver.


Systematic screenings are very effective to detect small tumor irregularities as early as possible even if symptoms are still not present. Mammograms, pap smears, breast self-examination and testicular self-examination are very effective screening methods to detect cancers early so early treatment can also be applied.

Causes of Cancer – Important Facts to Know

General knowledge tells us how cancer works and how dangerous it is to our body. As prevention is the best way to avoid it, more cancer information is highly essential. Yet the essence of knowing these important facts is having them applied.

Cancer is a result of cells growing abnormally and uncontrollably, cells that do not die. Normal cells grow, divide and die. Apoptosis is the process of normal cells birth, growth and death. An important fact is when this process breaks down, cancer begins to occur. Cancer cells continue to grow and divide. They do not experience programmatic death. This causes a mass of abnormal cells that grow out of control.

Cancer can occur because of several reasons: genes, carcinogens and other factors.

Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid (DNA)

There are four Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid (DNA) genes which responsibly manage the cell division process. One are oncogenes which schedule the division of the cells; second are the tumor suppressor genes who tell cells when not to divide, a thing that keeps the cells in control as in contrast to cancer cells. It is an important fact that these genes work perfectly well when not intervened. The third DNA cells are the suicide genes control which apoptosis and advise the cell to kill itself when something goes wrong; and fourth-repair genes which instruct a cell to repair a damaged DNA.

In contrast, when a cells’ gene mutation stop these four DNA genes, then cancer occurs. Cancer inhibits the function of oncogene and tumor suppressor, resulting to uncontrollable cell growth. Likewise, it also makes the cell unable to correct DNA damage.

Cancer can also be the cause of a genetic situation that is inherited from the family members. A fault in a gene can make someone develop cancer in later life.


Another important fact to know that causes cancer are the carcinogens. DNA can also be damaged by substances called carcinogens. These substances promote and help cancer. Examples of these are arsenic, asbestos, tobacco, radiation like x-rays and gamma, the sun and compounds in car exhaust fumes. When the body is exposed to carcinogens, free radicals can be formed and these in turn steal electrons from the body’s other molecules. The free radicals damage the cells, affecting their ability to normally function.

Other factors

Age can also be a factor in developing cancer since as we age, cancer-causing mutations in the DNA shall increase. So are viruses such as human papilloma virus (which causes cervical cancer), hepatitis B (causes liver cancer), Epstein-Barr (causes childhood cancer), HIV and others which weaken the immune system.

Cancer - Signs and Symptoms

As in any illness, cancer can be non-threatening if treated earlier. It is highly essential for people to know if they have cancer as early as possible. Know exactly the signs and symptoms.

There are a variety of signs that cancer already occurs in the body. It depends mostly on where the cancer is located, spread and how big the tumor is. Some signs and symptoms are shown through the skin such as a lump on the breast or testicle and change in mole or wart.

Cancer is many diseases, not just one. There are various different cancer types, about more than 100. They are named after the organ being attacked, or after the type of cell where it started. Examples are colon cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer.

Types and categories

Types of cancer are grouped into categories the main categories are: sarcoma – when cancer begins in the fat, muscle, bone, blood vessels, cartilage and other supportive or connective tissue; carcinoma – when cancer begins in skin or in tissues which cover or line the internal organs. In this case, signs and symptoms most likely appear in the skin. Lymphoma and myeloma – when it begins in the immune system; leukemia – when it begins in blood-forming tissue like the bone marrow and central nervous system – when it begins in the tissues of the spinal cord or the brain.

When and where symptoms are found

Oral cancers can be shown through white spots in the tongue or white patches inside the mouth. Many cancers are less apparent but can be felt. Brain tumors can be early detected because they affect cognitive functions that are important.

Pancreas cancers do not show much signs and symptoms and are detected late until they can cause pain when they push against nearby nerves or they interfere with a liver function, causing the skin and eyes to be colored yellow.

Signs can come out when a tumor grows and pushes against blood vessels and other organs. This is true with colon cancers that cause diarrhea, constipation and changes in the size of stools. Prostate or bladder cancers change the bladder function and can cause frequent or infrequent urination.

Since cancer interferes with the body’s normal hormone function, it is possible that it can also be presented with fatigue, fever, anemia, excessive sweating and unexplained weight loss. Hoarseness, coughing and short of breath can point to throat or lung cancer. Brain cancer signs and symptoms can be headaches, vertigo or seizures. With cancer, the liver can be enlarged, causing bones to be painful, brittle and easily break.

Cancer – A Threat to Watch

Today, cancer is the leading cause of death all over the world. It is a threat to everyone to watch as it is a leading killer.

Cancer tops the list of causing death in Canada. It is a number one threat among people not only in Canada but all over the world. Others are lung diseases, diabetes, accidents, influenza, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney disease and suicide.

Cancer cases are high for people aged 55 to 64. Usually, 48 per cent of death of these age range is caused by cancer. Breast cancer is the leading cancer among women. It is anticipated that 1 in every 9 women shall develop breast cancer and 1 in 28 shall die because of it.

In 2007, 7.6 million people die of cancer. Researches and doctors who specialize in the study of cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment are called oncologist.
Prevention is better than the cure....even with cancer. But prevention is cheap and nobody wants to stop eating meat and dairy products. Nobody wants to exercise even if they can be threatened with this dreadful illness. So cancer rate is climbing and so is death rate.

How cancer works

When the body’s cells divide uncontrollably and abnormally fast, they invade nearby tissues. They can spread to the other body parts through the bloodstream and lymphatic system. This is when cancer occurs.

There are about 100 different types of cancer and they are labeled by the type of cell that is affected initially.

When cancer occurs, it forms masses of tissue or lumps called tumors (except for leukemia) which can interfere with the body’s systems as circulatory, digestive and nervous system. Cancer tumors can release hormones that change the functions of the body. Tumors that show limited growth and stay in one spot are generally considered benign and they definitely are a threat that one is already being attacked by cancer.

Tumors become dangerous when these two things occur: when cancerous cells spread throughout the body and destroy healthy tissues in a process called invasion; second, when the cells grow and divide, make new blood vessels to feed itself in a process called angiogenesis.

When a tumor spreads, invades and destroys the body’s tissues, it has metastasized. The process is called metastasis. This can be very serious and extremely difficult to treat.

The Gift of Deep Slumber - Foods That Put Us To Sleep

At this modern computing age when people are always on the rush, deep slumber can be a rare thing. However, there are foods that put us to sleep. While people wish to do as many things as they can, they cannot just stay awake always. The body needs sleep to revitalize…and sleep can never be substituted by anything.

In a stressful world, many people find themselves deprived of deep slumber and this is caused by a number of reasons, one of which is diet. There are foods that put us to sleep as there are foods that keep us awake. There is always the right time for everything. Logically enough, to give yourself sleep, avoid the foods that can keep you awake. Please read the blog in this website titled Foods That Keep You Awake.

To be able to sleep, you do not necessarily take sleeping pills immediately. Consider taking foods that can naturally help you sleep. Then you can end up sleeping like a baby again.

Tryptophan, serotonin and melatonin

One of the body’s sleepers is tryptophan, an amino acid that makes serotonin and melatonin, which in turn makes the brain relax. For the gift of deep slumber, take the foods that has tryptophan, they are the foods that put us to sleep. Tryptophan-produced serotonin is a neurotransmitter that sees to it that nerve traffic slows down so that the brain will not be busy. Melatonin is a substance that helps regulate sleep.


Best sleepers are complex carbohydrates, calcium, milk, cheese, soybean nuts, seafood, meats, whole grains, beans, poultry, rice eggs, sesame seeds, peanuts and sunflower seeds. Also included are apple pie, ice cream, raisin cookies, pasta, scrambled eggs and many others.

Lighter meals are better sleepers than heavy meals. Heavy meals prolong the work of the body’s digestive system, depriving you of deep slumber. Their internal work can keep you awake and thus, poor quality of sleep. It is not just eating the foods that put us to sleep but eating evening meals earlier also matters a lot. As the sleep wisdom worthy of heeding says, “Don’t dine after nine.”.

Avoid spicy or heavy foods. Do not take much alcohol. If not controlled properly, alcohol

causes restlessness and an uncomfortable night.

Eat cherries. They are rich in melatonin.

Refrain from eating too much fat. Fats give us difficulty in sleeping.

People who lack sleep usually overeat – good or bad snacks. Please see blog about healthy snacks. People who lack sleep most likely overeat and may lead themselves to obesity.

There they are. The gift of deep slumber can be achieved by taking the natural foods that put us to sleep. Having a good night’s sleep makes the following day a more productive one. You feel revitalized, rested, healthy, active and extremely awake. We are ready to face workloads and challenges ah

For Busy and Active People - Foods That Keep You Awake!

Are you one of the busy and active people? Always on the go, seeking to strike a balance between work and personal tasks to fully enjoy life? The food you take plays a great role in helping you achieve your goals. Yes, there are foods that keep you awake. Your mind might be alert and active, but the rest of the body drags you to sleep. You do not need to take vitamins to keep you alert all the time. You can take natural foods to help you stay awake healthfully.

Tyramine, taurine and tyrosine

For the busy and active people, it is good to know that there are foods that keep you awake. In order to be alert, your body needs foods that contain tyramine and taurine. Tyramine is an amino acid that makes the brain release norepinephrine, a stimulant that can keep you awake. Foods that have tyramine are usually taken during breakfast such as bacon, ham, cheese, sausages, tomatoes, peppers, fish, smoked meats and chocolates.

Another amino acid that can make you alert is taurine. This can be found in “energy drinks as well as in coffee, cola or tea. However, if combined with caffeine, this can cause high blood pressure, dehydration and increased heart rate. Most likely, they are also addicting.

Drinks with taurine and caffeine become more dangerous when alcohol is added. It is definitely not recommended for busy and active people who want to maximize productivity. Better go for natural foods that keep you awake. An energy drink has stimulants and alcohol has depressant.

If you really need to stay awake, consider other food choices before taking caffeine or energy drinks. Though they can make you awake for about two hours, heart palpitations and sweating can make you lose focus and shaking. It is more dangerous than helpful. After which you crash and feel tired more than ever.

Another waker is the amino acid called tyrosine. Tyrosin perks up the brain and is found in protein-rich foods.

Iron and protein

If you are one of those busy and active people, take iron because they are one of the foods that keep you awake. Lack of iron causes fatigue. It is common in women since they have menstruation.

Iron is an important part of hemoglobin, the protein which distributes oxygen to the body. Daily dose of iron for women should be 15mg and 10 mg for men. Iron-rich foods are organ meat, liver, oatmeal, clams, tofu and oysters. Taking these foods helps you regain the energy needed to stay awake.

Taking high-protein meals without mixing it with carbohydrates can keep you awake too since protein contains tyrosine.


The most effective step to stay awake and fight fatigue is water. Busy and active people often have water with them. It is a universal drink that can be added to the foods that keep you awake. When you feel drowsy, drink water and you feel the difference immediately. After drinking water, you feel better and your body seems cleaner.

To stay awake, simply eat and drink the right food and beverages and you will find yourself prepared for anything from a boring afternoon to an all-night work.

Wise Food Choices – Healthy Meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

When life’s schedule is hectic, people usually cannot make healthy eating a priority. However, wise food choices contributes to a healthy body which is much needed for a hectic schedule, can primarily be achieved when fuelled with a healthy meal and good nutrition. With good food choices, it can be easier to have energy to be active and cope with stress at the same time.


First of all, one must have the habit of having wise food choices for breakfast. Healthy meals for either at home, on the road or at work can be a lifetime habit. Healthy breakfast helps maintain a healthy weight, supplies the required amount of iron, calcium, thiamine or vitamin B1 and fiber. Good breakfast food choices can help one get up to speed.

For breakfast, choose pancakes with jam, fruit or syrup instead of butter. Instead of a donut or regular fat muffin, have a cheese and bagel. Set aside scrambled eggs with hash browns and sausage and have a poached egg on dry toast instead.

Go for a low fat milk, say 1-2% or even skim. Prefer a low fat muffin over a croissant.


Wise food choices for healthy meals during lunch are worth the effort. However, it can be more challenging to people on the run. The good news is that a healthy lunch can be possibly easy and quick.

In fact, you can have a planned lunch by preparing extra food during dinner and pack the leftovers for lunch. Have in your car or desk portable items for a healthy lunch so you will not be tempted to find a fast food drive thru or a vending machine.

Good lunch can include canned beans in tomato sauce, canned fruit, canned fish, cold cereal, low-fat granola bars, low-fat whole grain crackers, milk puddings, fruit leather and peanut butter.

Wise food choices for healthy meals at lunchtime can also be clean raw vegetables packed in bags to grab and go. You may bake low-fat muffins on weekends, individually pack them and keep them in the freezer.


Apart from the general idea that dinner food always take time to prepare, there are a variety of dinner recipes that can come quick and easy.

Healthy dinner should provide a minimum daily requirement of vitamins and nutrients. Chicken is usually a dinner food choice. Chicken can be prepared quickly by baking it (instead of deep frying) after removing the skin. Add toppings of spices, herbs and salads and you have a healthy dinner in an instant.

Salads require less time to prepare and can be one of the wise food choices for healthy meals during dinner.. Have carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, apples, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries and raisins. Much faster are pre-packed salads from the market which you can buy and douse with fruits, vinegar or vegetables.

Other healthy dinner food choices that are also fast and easy to prepare are sandwiches and vegetables. The concept of having meats at dinner is actually not applicable all the time.

Keep in mind that for dinner, avoid foods that are fried for they are high in oil. Go for those low in cholesterol, carbohydrates and fat.

There we have it - healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. When taken properly, snacks in between can just be skipped as they can be enough to stay active for the day. To be fit and happy all the time, go for wise food choices and healthy meals.

It’s Snack Time! How About Healthy Snacks and Healthy Snack Food Preferences?

These days, people start to believe that good health begins with a balanced healthy diet. That includes healthy snacks. Even if it is only a filler, snack foods can be a major contributor in maintaining a healthy body.

Suggestions for a list of healthy snacks and good snack foods can be found in many books and in the internet. So are healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. Though it is not a requirement to know a lot of recipes for meals, one needs to know the foods that are good for the body.

Knowing about healthy foods shall not generate problems in preparing meals for a healthy diet. Just remember that any food low in fat and cholesterol are good for everyone.

Meals for diabetics

People with diabetes are advised to take healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between at an interval time. There is really nothing wrong with eating even for diabetics. The body needs food either diabetic or not. Healthy snacks can still be enjoyed as long as they are good snack foods. However, it is highly recommended for diabetics to take the meals lightly and not in big amounts that can lead to obesity and worse diabetes condition.

Snack preferences

Snacks are good fillers when meal time is still at a later time. Taking snacks keep you going and active and requires less time. However, without proper care, snacks can be destructive rather than healthy. Choosing the foods for snacks are as important as choosing the food for meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you are looking for sweets in candy, chocolates, cookies, pastries, brownies, doughnuts or ice cream, go instead for healthy snacks like uncoated cereal bars, nature squares or crispy rice squares. Good snack foods also include graham crackers, fig bars, digestive cookies, low fat yogurt, fresh fruit or dried fruit.

Instead of taking salty foods like French fries, potato chips, flavoured nacho chips, pepperettes, processed cheese or spreads, have low-fat crackers, baked chips, almonds, nuts or pretzels instead.

If you feel like eating crunchy and look for caramel corn, peanut brittle, soda crackers, flavoured corn chips or cheese puffs, have a crunch on rice cakes, veggie sticks, sunflower seeds, trail mix or melba toast with hummus or peanut butter instead.

It takes time to develop the habit to be more conscious on choosing food to eat so they be more nutritious and provide the body what it deserve to be more productive and avoid sickness. Go for healthy snacks and good snack foods.

It can be an effort at first but eventually can come natural if the habit is already there. It is definitely worth-doing.

Healthy Breakfast – Anyone?

Healthy breakfast is for anyone and is one of the routines most important to live a longer life yet many take it for granted. People especially those who are extremely busy may find it real hard to maintain a healthy body through proper choice of food. Yet, these people are those who need healthy food more than anybody does to have enough energy for the day and cope up with stress and fatigue.

Have a healthy breakfast

Many people skip breakfast intentionally or unintentionally. Anyone who is busy sometimes does not have a choice but to report to work without breakfast. Yet with proper breakfast, you will be more likely to get the nutrients you need for the entire day.

Eating breakfast helps maintain a healthy weight. If it is skipped, you will take more snacks and eat more in the evening when the body is slowing down. Metabolism can change this way because the calories can then be stored as fats. Breakfast can also be good for the heart as it can lower blood cholesterol levels, that is, if the breakfast is high in fiber and low in fat.

You will be more productive throughout the day

If you are driving, taking a healthy breakfast before leaving home can make you more responsive. Breakfast has a great effect on anyone’s performance for the day. Jobs involving physical work show that workers who miss breakfast tend to be weak by lunchtime. For students, problem-solving skills are found in those who take breakfast.

Taking breakfast as a healthy habit can also be a good example for the children who can see it as an important routine to develop until they grow up and have families of their own. If you can eat at home, choices of whole grain cereal and low-fat milk, juice or cheese are good. If you are in a hurry and need to take a healthy breakfast on the way, take along some crackers, cheese or fruit.

Other good breakfast choices anyone can take

Good breakfast can be composed of rice, breads, pitas, buns, fruit or vegetable juice, berries, apples, bananas, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, soup, skim milk, low-fat yogurt, jellies, syrup, honey, eggs, peanut butter, turkey, sliced ham or roast beef.

Bon appetit!

Exercise Obstacles: Why People Do Not Exercise

You may be one of them, people who hate to go through an exercise program because of some exercise obstacles. There can be reasons why people do not exercise no matter how countless the benefits are.


One of the major exercise obstacles is lack of motivation. Like anything else, motivation starts in the mind. The absence of motivation can be a big reason why people do not exercise. If people are too busy, they are less motivated to exercise too. They find exercise grueling and boring since it is not their priority.

The best way to exercise is to start the motivation within your self. Otherwise, every fact in the world is of no use. Make the motivation happen every day. If you believe in the exercise benefits, you will surely have a million reasons to go on the physical activity. The hardest part is getting started.

Being part of a group fitness can get rid off the boredom, discard exercise obstacles and contributes to motivation. And so are playing games, using exercise TVs or videos or exercising at home.

Reasons why people do not exercise

While others enjoy exercise, others hate it. Some of the reasons why people do not exercise are: frequent quitting, doing too much exercise too soon, confused where to get started, bored of the common machines to use like treadmill or soreness which happens to beginners.

The above reasons can be countered by trying various types of training to make it interesting. Having a trainer is also one. As much as possible, avoid skipping your exercise routines. If a gym membership is too expensive, go for less expensive like local community groups, YMCA or company gyms. This can get rid of your exercise obstacles. Much better if you try running or walking yourself or do workouts at home.

One of the major reasons why people do not exercise is when they do not see improvements in their body and think the efforts are useless. The fact is, results cannot come out quickly. It can take up about 12 weeks before improvements are felt in you. Just be consistent in achieving your realistic goals. For the meantime, focus on the present benefits of exercise.

Go healthy!

Losing Weight – A Healthy Decision

Losing weight or maintaining an ideal weight is a great deal of healthy decision when you wish to be healthy. For those who already are overweight, losing some kilograms can be a sacrifice. However, with the onset of many diseases coming from overweight, it is worth the effort.

Losing weight needs hard work, dedication, motivation and consistency. It is a healthy decision to get rid of overweight and obesity which can be a contributing factor of developing diabetes. Gaining weight can happen anytime if we do not take the effort of watching especially the food we take.

Watch your diet

Cut out on red meat and fried foods. Focus on poultry, shellfish and fish. Avoid fast foods and restaurants which offer oversized and fatty foods. When you are on the run, stick to a child’s hamburger, grilled chicken sandwich and a salad with a healthy dressing. Forget about combos and value meals. Though they may appear a good deal, they are not worth the extra calories.

Begin with a salad or a soup

When you are going through a program for losing weight as your healthy decision today, a soup based on tomato is better since vegetables will help fill you up, curb your hunger, help you stay in control and prevent over-eating.

A good salad is one with dressing that is low in calories. It helps give you fiber and nutrition. Include a lot of vegetables and more mixed greens such as spinach. They can make you feel fuller very soon.

Conclude your meals with fruit

Make it a habit to reach for fruits as dessert instead of sweets. They will add good minerals, vitamins and fiber to your body and save you from calories and fats. Losing weight means losing fatty and calories-full food. Such is a healthy decision to make. Later you will be used to getting fruit than others as your meals become a healthy treat rather than a threat to your body.

Losing weight fast

Losing weight means to consume calories less than our body can burn every single day. However, take note to supply the body with enough nutrients and protein while trying to lose weight. These are needed to make antibodies and enzymes for the chemical reactions in cells to burn fat from the fat cells.

Insufficient proteins can breakdown proteins from the muscle to build necessary enzymes to maintain metabolism. This results to lowered metabolism instead.

This does not mean that for losing weight fast, consume more protein but small amount of high quality protein for most meals daily. A healthy decision for staying healthy by losing weight fast is to reduce intake of calories by 250-500 daily for at least one week. When the weight loss get a good level, most likely for 4 days, then reduce calories by 200 per day.

Attend a weight training program to increase metabolism and maintain muscle. Or perform aerobic activities in-between to help burn fat directly. Increase water consumption to keep energy levels.

Sodium intake must be reduced. Do so with fresh, wholesome and natural ingredients. Do not go below 1,500 calories a day. Exercise until the ideal weight is achieved.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Benefits of Exercise You Cannot Afford Not to Have

The benefits of exercise we cannot afford not to have are numerous indeed. Talk about healthy body, longer life, productive lifestyle and you see exercise as one of the ways to achieve these. We know exercise has multiple benefits but not all people do it. Exercise is not easy. It is torturing. Yet, exercise pays off when one stays healthy and does not get sick.

Direct benefits of exercise

As we can see, exercise is synonymous to life itself. The advantages we can gain from it are things we cannot afford not to have. Exercise gives us the benefit of not to have premature death and reduce the risk to develop heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, anxiety and improve your well-being. It helps build healthy bones, joints and muscles. It can make us enhance recreation, work and sports performance.

Exercise is recommended by the world’s health-related organization like the National Institute of Health, American Diabetes Society, American Heart Association and American Cancer Society.

Old-fashioned as it is, this perennial way to achieve health makes us feel better too.

Added benefits

We see numerous benefits of exercise aside from staying healthy and getting away from sickness. These alone are life’s priorities that we cannot afford not to have them.

Exercise can improve your mode. You need it to blow off some steam after a day’s work. It can help someone calm down since exercise can increase the production of endorphins, hormones that can make us feel good. Endorphins are in suppressing depression and making us feel happier.

Our skin becomes more radiant and sparkling with regular exercise. That is why you look better with toned muscles, and better body shape and composition. As a result, you gain more self-confidence.

Not only can exercise make us better-looking, it can also give

us better deep sleep and improve appetite for healthy foods. The list for the benefits of exercise we cannot afford not to have goes on and on.

Regular physical activities

It is not compulsory to go to a gym regularly to perform weight-lose programs. Simple physical activities are actually exercise in themselves as they help burn calories. Take the stairs rather than elevators or escalators. Walk, jump-jack. Get involved with physical activities at home or at work.

Exercise has indeed long list of merits which are very hard to ignore. The benefits are yours for the taking whoever you are, regardless of age and race.

Let’s get physical!