Monday, June 28, 2010

Annuity Transfers and Structured Settlements – Friendly People: First-Class Service

Annuity Transfers is the first company one can think of when it comes to selling an annuity or a structured settlement. While this US-based company greatly deals with directly buying annuities and structured settlements, it focuses on educating its prospective clients so they shall be equipped to make right decisions.

The logo beneath Annuity Transfers Ltd. says “Friendly People: First-Class Service”. All the company’s capitalization, efforts and services are geared towards living up to that standard.

Structured settlement

A financial or insurance arrangement, a structured settlement guarantees a good income for the owner. It can be a claimant’s periodic payment that he usually accepts to compromise a statutory periodic payment obligation or to resolve a personal injury tort claim.

While an annuity or a structured settlement is planned for its owner’s financial security in mind, selling it can be the best choice to fill in some urgent personal needs and purposes. Thus, choosing a buyer company with a good reputation and track record on buying structured settlements is a must. Annuity Transfers has several satisfied clients who publicly recommend Annuity Transfers to their close friends and relatives.

Selling structured settlement

Many people are confused about selling their structured settlement payments for fear of falling into some dubious financial services companies. They rather choose to look for a direct relationship with a company that has established a reputation for financial services.

All about Annuity Transfers Ltd.

Annuity Transfers, takes pride of not just about buying structured settlement but in its usual efficient, ethical, honest and courteous service, fully understanding that trust is a vital aspect in any client relationship. The people in Annuity Transfers are known to be willing to directly talk to their clients who plan to sell their structured settlements. Annuity Transfers Ltd. Do explain the process, discuss their financial needs and provide an accommodating service that leads to a close real relationship. This is Annuity’s edge over other companies which offer the same services.

Annuity Transfers, a well-capitalized financial services company, base its pricing on their client’s real life financial needs. Though it appreciates its relationships with brokers of various financial transactions, it is not a broker but a direct buyer of an annuity and structured settlement. Annuity Transfers enjoy client relationships and anticipates to working with anyone to get cash for their annuity.

With Annuity Transfers Ltd., selling of annuities and structured settlements can be another favorable and exciting financial choice.

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