Thursday, February 24, 2011

Save the Moment Onto the 510 Plus Mini Voice Recorder

Record phone calls, business talks, class sessions, meetings, law matters, conventions, business conferences and even cell phone conversations with the 510 Plus Mini Voice Recorder.
High Quality Voice Recording
From the professional manufacturer of security products, Record Your Life Inc., this amazing digital voice recorder is a sound-recording device to record speech for later playback. It automatically activates upon detecting a sound and ends when the phones hang up.That is Voice Operated Recording or VOR recording capability.

This device has the capability of recording secretly, so the voice owners will never know they are being saved, making it ideals for business meetings when recording should be done in a discreet manner. It likewise has a secret recording with no LCD display and vibration, hearing aid function, file management and recovery.

With a frequency of 120Hz – 10kHz, 510 Plus telephone recorder has a signal to noise ratio of 60Db Power Operated Recording or POR that turns on the power of the recorder upon hearing the voice.

Recording can also be scheduled and the device is compatible with every telephone and cellular phone. Aside from these, it has big letters on display, has an easy menu and can record up to 260 hours (more than 10 days).

The 510 Plus digital recorder comes with an earphone, battery pack, manual and USB cable. For more information on the recording device, please click here on 510 Plus Mini Voice Recorder and see the product features yourself.


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