Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bomgar Remote Support

Bomgar, a famous name for remote support, maximizes the computing age by providing a system to companies which enables people and companies to communicate with each other for support, assistance, file transfer, connection, chat, session recording and many others.

With Bomgar, one needs not be physically in the location to achieve work goals. Remote support and assistance transgress geographical distance thereby enhancing productivity, profitability and more efficient, responsive support among companies or between companies and their clients; or between companies and their IT support team.

Bomgar enables companies to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction significantly while cutting costs on fare and accommodation expenses. Having a support that is always virtually present all the time is a satisfying assurance for the receiving end and that work goals can be achieved faster together.

How it works

Bomgar is a remote control system which connects the host and a client to a racked appliance or a virtual server through firewalls. A Firewall is a part of a computer network system which Bomgar utilizes for its remote support process. It designed to permit authorized communications and block unauthorized access to computers.

Bomgar’s file transfer and sharing works behind the firewalls thus enabling remote support. It serves as a mediator between the organization and entities outside. Bomgar initiates the connection from the user’s system to its appliance on a standard port, enabling the client and the technician at far distances to establish control using outbound connections.

Outbound connection is similar to surfing the web. Firewall blocks inbound traffic but allows outbound. That is why, Bomgar can connect even if no changes are made in existing Firewall configuration.

The architecture that Bomgar uses comes handy, manageable, integrated and secure. Bomgar enables the technician to start remote support and control to servers, computers, smartphones and other network devices over the internet even without pre-installed client system.

Bomgar runs not only in Windows but to all supported platforms inside or outside the network. It works on either attended or unattended servers and computers. The Bomgar system is run when a customer requests support and it uninstalls after the remote control session ends.

Bomgar also supports multi-user. More than one person in an organization can run Bomgar including vendors, IT team, customer support and service desk. Thus, it promotes better collaboration and utilization.

Corporate mission and vision

Though their perspective is diligent work, the company’s mission is founded in the belief that God owns ultimate results. Bomgar’s headquarters displays Psalm 127 “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain."

Bomgar’s mission is to virtualize every support rep and IT professional worldwide thus the remote support systems. Its vision is to honor God by applying Biblical principles in relation to employees, customers and financial dealings.


Bomgar is commited to deliver realistic business in its appliance-based, remote support. Numerous companies already deploy Bomgar’s solutions to improve operational efficiency, customer loyalty and competitiveness.

Bomgar regularly hosts Customer Advisory Boards (CAB) to understand customer needs better. It also creates forums for the Bomgar Community and user group meetings to exchange insights and ideas for the current Bomgar systems as well as future IT remote support needs. You ask and Bomgar listens.

If you like to take advantage of your present infrastructure, lower support costs and use single remote support solution in multiple areas without compromising security, Bomgar has the solution. While this is a sponsored post and the thoughts are self-owned, see more about Bomgar Remote Desktop Support Software and Remote Desktop Access for Mac by visiting their website at www.bomgar.com/remotedesktopaccess and www.bomgar.com.

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