Thursday, December 27, 2012

The World’s 10 Best Cruise Destinations

Ranking on cruises are usually and supposedly based on the overall quality of the cruising experience, not on its fame which can heavily influenced by proximity to the home of the traveler.

Cruises are fun and special, especially when spent not only for a respite from work but also with loved ones when cruising becomes more meaningful.  All cruise destinations are attractive, moreso with the ever dynamic improvement of cruise ships in their goal to provide the best luxurious cruising experience to everyone. Here are some of the world’s best cruise destinations in alphabetical order which can highlight your bonding even more.


Sailing by glaciers can be very quiet, pass through fjords and jagged peak that are snow-capped; and having stops at many beautiful ports. You can even helicopter onto far glaciers just for dog sledding. These can be real chilly in May and September, which is the first and last month of the season. June to August are the warmest months. June always offers longer daylight for more sightseeing. That indeed is a generous bonus!


In Antarctica, passengers can see colonies of penguin, calving icebergs and high cliffs of glacier. Cruises here are between mid December to late of February when the sea and weather are most friendly while cruise ships do not operate during the Antarctic winter, which falls from March to September.

Baltic Sea

At the Baltic Sea destination, you visit Scandinavian cities such as Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Not to be left out is the St. Petersburg in Russia. June to August are the cold months.


You may visit a lot of nation islands and the journeys between ports are usually short. Albeit the Caribbean Islands lack the green lushness of its Hawaiian and South Pacific Islands competitors, but it has made a reputable name for itself too. January and February are excellent almost every day. Middle of June to early December are periods of hurricane threats.

Fjords of Norway

Sail within narrow, steep-cliffed and massive fjords as these natural gifts are amazingly awesome, beautiful and humbling. June to August are the cold months here.


Charles Darwin made this destination famous. It is in here that he observed distinctive wildlife which backed up his evolution theory. Exploring the remote islands of Galapagos usually happen in mid April to middle of May, when skies are clear, weather is warm and the seas are tranquil.

Hawaiian Islands

Hawaiian Islands cruising allows voyagers to sight volcanic cliffs that are clad in green, dramatically cut and dropping down to sea. Long ocean trips from the mainland of the United States are almost every day, courtesy of its tropical paradise location.


Mediterranean destinations promise a lot of exciting places, which includes French Riviera, Italian Ligurian Coast, Spanish Costa del Sol and the Greek Islands. Some ports of call can of course, be packed by tourists during summer. Cruising schedules are on warmest months of May to September and November to March.


Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco and some west coast ports of call along Mexican Riviera sprouts with lively mariachi bands and strong margaritas. Those who come to lax may find the place hyper energetic. November to April is less humid, drier and not so hot as summer.

South Pacific

Destinations in the South Pacific include paradises that are green and tropical, like the Fiji and Polynesian. Long and open ocean travel between and to the islands is not for everyone though as it differs by the location as South Pacific covers a large area.

Other contenders

Other contenders for top cruise destinations are New Zealand, Australia, Arctic, Northeast USA, South America, Transatlantic and Southeast Canada.

Other good cruise destinations, but not for sea cruises are the Yangtze river cruises, Rhine, Nile, Mississippi, Danube and Amazon. The barge cruises are also good, especially on the canals of Europe.

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