Thursday, January 13, 2011

Exercise Obstacles: Why People Do Not Exercise

You may be one of them, people who hate to go through an exercise program because of some exercise obstacles. There can be reasons why people do not exercise no matter how countless the benefits are.


One of the major exercise obstacles is lack of motivation. Like anything else, motivation starts in the mind. The absence of motivation can be a big reason why people do not exercise. If people are too busy, they are less motivated to exercise too. They find exercise grueling and boring since it is not their priority.

The best way to exercise is to start the motivation within your self. Otherwise, every fact in the world is of no use. Make the motivation happen every day. If you believe in the exercise benefits, you will surely have a million reasons to go on the physical activity. The hardest part is getting started.

Being part of a group fitness can get rid off the boredom, discard exercise obstacles and contributes to motivation. And so are playing games, using exercise TVs or videos or exercising at home.

Reasons why people do not exercise

While others enjoy exercise, others hate it. Some of the reasons why people do not exercise are: frequent quitting, doing too much exercise too soon, confused where to get started, bored of the common machines to use like treadmill or soreness which happens to beginners.

The above reasons can be countered by trying various types of training to make it interesting. Having a trainer is also one. As much as possible, avoid skipping your exercise routines. If a gym membership is too expensive, go for less expensive like local community groups, YMCA or company gyms. This can get rid of your exercise obstacles. Much better if you try running or walking yourself or do workouts at home.

One of the major reasons why people do not exercise is when they do not see improvements in their body and think the efforts are useless. The fact is, results cannot come out quickly. It can take up about 12 weeks before improvements are felt in you. Just be consistent in achieving your realistic goals. For the meantime, focus on the present benefits of exercise.

Go healthy!

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