Thursday, January 13, 2011

Losing Weight – A Healthy Decision

Losing weight or maintaining an ideal weight is a great deal of healthy decision when you wish to be healthy. For those who already are overweight, losing some kilograms can be a sacrifice. However, with the onset of many diseases coming from overweight, it is worth the effort.

Losing weight needs hard work, dedication, motivation and consistency. It is a healthy decision to get rid of overweight and obesity which can be a contributing factor of developing diabetes. Gaining weight can happen anytime if we do not take the effort of watching especially the food we take.

Watch your diet

Cut out on red meat and fried foods. Focus on poultry, shellfish and fish. Avoid fast foods and restaurants which offer oversized and fatty foods. When you are on the run, stick to a child’s hamburger, grilled chicken sandwich and a salad with a healthy dressing. Forget about combos and value meals. Though they may appear a good deal, they are not worth the extra calories.

Begin with a salad or a soup

When you are going through a program for losing weight as your healthy decision today, a soup based on tomato is better since vegetables will help fill you up, curb your hunger, help you stay in control and prevent over-eating.

A good salad is one with dressing that is low in calories. It helps give you fiber and nutrition. Include a lot of vegetables and more mixed greens such as spinach. They can make you feel fuller very soon.

Conclude your meals with fruit

Make it a habit to reach for fruits as dessert instead of sweets. They will add good minerals, vitamins and fiber to your body and save you from calories and fats. Losing weight means losing fatty and calories-full food. Such is a healthy decision to make. Later you will be used to getting fruit than others as your meals become a healthy treat rather than a threat to your body.

Losing weight fast

Losing weight means to consume calories less than our body can burn every single day. However, take note to supply the body with enough nutrients and protein while trying to lose weight. These are needed to make antibodies and enzymes for the chemical reactions in cells to burn fat from the fat cells.

Insufficient proteins can breakdown proteins from the muscle to build necessary enzymes to maintain metabolism. This results to lowered metabolism instead.

This does not mean that for losing weight fast, consume more protein but small amount of high quality protein for most meals daily. A healthy decision for staying healthy by losing weight fast is to reduce intake of calories by 250-500 daily for at least one week. When the weight loss get a good level, most likely for 4 days, then reduce calories by 200 per day.

Attend a weight training program to increase metabolism and maintain muscle. Or perform aerobic activities in-between to help burn fat directly. Increase water consumption to keep energy levels.

Sodium intake must be reduced. Do so with fresh, wholesome and natural ingredients. Do not go below 1,500 calories a day. Exercise until the ideal weight is achieved.

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