Friday, January 14, 2011

Taking the Risk – from Employee to Entrepreneur

Employee and entrepreneur

Having a business, being your own boss and owning your own time are amusing ideas to think about. Many people wish to be in this position. But the transition of giving up your job that gives you regular salary, your job that gives you stable income, stable enough to pay the bills, for something that is yet unknown and unfamiliar is a scary thing.

However, you are also giving yourself a chance to explore unlimited possibilities. Having the transition from employee to entrepreneur is worth it if you exactly are ready to take the risk. Becoming an entrepreneur requires a lot more discipline, hard work and a big deal of sacrifice.

To be or not to be an entrepreneur

If you are an employee, to become an entrepreneur is an extremely personal decision. A thing that needs to be weighed about seriously, debated and discussed with family and friends. It depends on the person in the front line if he takes the risk or not. Remember, there is no right and wrong decision; only right and wrong time. The following have to be considered so as to make entrepreneurship really the green grass at the other side of the fence.

One big advice is to save at least 6 months income before quitting your job. As business can go up and down, there is a buffer to save your needs even if the business income is low or zero.

Or do your job and business simultaneously. Juggling between being an employee and an entrepreneur is one of the safest first steps anyone can do. Keep your job and do your business during your spare time. This would allow you to accumulate business experience and income as well. When you go full time with your entrepreneurship, you will have more money and experience to run it.

No turning back

Once you decide to leave the world of employment to the world of entrepreneurship and think there is always the option of going back to the security and safety of your job, chances are you will not succeed in your business. In a sense, you are closing one door behind to open another door. Never think of the option to come back to becoming an employee. Regard it as a life-and-death option wherein you have no other choice but to move on. So focus on your entrepreneurship and get ahead.

For those who already made it into successful entrepreneurship, ask them about regrets of leaving their job and they could not afford to even think about it. They would not exchange the mountains over mountains of challenges and problems of entrepreneurship to the security of employment.

The entrepreneurship journey is definitely composed of ups and downs. There are more thorns than roses on its road. Yet, the trip is worth taking…at least once in a lifetime.

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