Thursday, January 13, 2011

Prevention – the Best Way to Fight Cancer

It is always good news for everyone that even the world’s most dreadful diseases can be avoided through prevention before they ever happen. Prevention is the best way to fight cancer. All the hassles, fears and anxiety of having cancer is nothing if we prevent of having it in our body in the first place.

Prevention can be easy if we are willing to do it. Just keep in mind that it is simple and non-complicated. Yet, it is the best way to fight cancer. Cancers that are behavioral are very easy to prevent. An example of which is smoking and drinking. Choosing not to smoke or drink alcohol greatly lower the risk of various types of cancer – like mouth, throat, lung and liver cancer. Even if you are a currently smoking, quitting can still significantly reduce your chances of getting cancer.

We can all avoid skin cancer by keeping away from the direct rays of the sun. We can do so by protecting ourselves with a shirt, a hat or staying in the shade. Skin cancer prevention can mean to use sunscreens. Sunscreens are not expensive and easy to apply. Yet they are one of the simplest and best ways to fight cancer of the skin.

Food and diet

Food and diet are important. The food we eat is linked to the formation of cancer in our body. Doctors recommend diets which are low in fat. Fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains are best to eat everyday.

Fruits and vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables can help a poor diet to be healthy. Vegetables have antioxidants that may help stop or prevent cancers.

Antioxidants such as vitamin C help the body repair itself after an illness or stress. It likewise helps the body be protected from illness in the future. They are a great prevention and the best way to fight cancer Lycopene in tomatoes, for example, help protect your eyes from sight problems.


Some vaccinations are associated with cancer prevention. This includes vaccination for the human papillomavirus which is related to cervical cancer. Vaccines for hepatitis B prevent the Hepatitis B virus, that can cause cancer in the liver.


Systematic screenings are very effective to detect small tumor irregularities as early as possible even if symptoms are still not present. Mammograms, pap smears, breast self-examination and testicular self-examination are very effective screening methods to detect cancers early so early treatment can also be applied.

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