Thursday, January 13, 2011

It’s Snack Time! How About Healthy Snacks and Healthy Snack Food Preferences?

These days, people start to believe that good health begins with a balanced healthy diet. That includes healthy snacks. Even if it is only a filler, snack foods can be a major contributor in maintaining a healthy body.

Suggestions for a list of healthy snacks and good snack foods can be found in many books and in the internet. So are healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. Though it is not a requirement to know a lot of recipes for meals, one needs to know the foods that are good for the body.

Knowing about healthy foods shall not generate problems in preparing meals for a healthy diet. Just remember that any food low in fat and cholesterol are good for everyone.

Meals for diabetics

People with diabetes are advised to take healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between at an interval time. There is really nothing wrong with eating even for diabetics. The body needs food either diabetic or not. Healthy snacks can still be enjoyed as long as they are good snack foods. However, it is highly recommended for diabetics to take the meals lightly and not in big amounts that can lead to obesity and worse diabetes condition.

Snack preferences

Snacks are good fillers when meal time is still at a later time. Taking snacks keep you going and active and requires less time. However, without proper care, snacks can be destructive rather than healthy. Choosing the foods for snacks are as important as choosing the food for meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you are looking for sweets in candy, chocolates, cookies, pastries, brownies, doughnuts or ice cream, go instead for healthy snacks like uncoated cereal bars, nature squares or crispy rice squares. Good snack foods also include graham crackers, fig bars, digestive cookies, low fat yogurt, fresh fruit or dried fruit.

Instead of taking salty foods like French fries, potato chips, flavoured nacho chips, pepperettes, processed cheese or spreads, have low-fat crackers, baked chips, almonds, nuts or pretzels instead.

If you feel like eating crunchy and look for caramel corn, peanut brittle, soda crackers, flavoured corn chips or cheese puffs, have a crunch on rice cakes, veggie sticks, sunflower seeds, trail mix or melba toast with hummus or peanut butter instead.

It takes time to develop the habit to be more conscious on choosing food to eat so they be more nutritious and provide the body what it deserve to be more productive and avoid sickness. Go for healthy snacks and good snack foods.

It can be an effort at first but eventually can come natural if the habit is already there. It is definitely worth-doing.

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