Thursday, January 13, 2011

For Busy and Active People - Foods That Keep You Awake!

Are you one of the busy and active people? Always on the go, seeking to strike a balance between work and personal tasks to fully enjoy life? The food you take plays a great role in helping you achieve your goals. Yes, there are foods that keep you awake. Your mind might be alert and active, but the rest of the body drags you to sleep. You do not need to take vitamins to keep you alert all the time. You can take natural foods to help you stay awake healthfully.

Tyramine, taurine and tyrosine

For the busy and active people, it is good to know that there are foods that keep you awake. In order to be alert, your body needs foods that contain tyramine and taurine. Tyramine is an amino acid that makes the brain release norepinephrine, a stimulant that can keep you awake. Foods that have tyramine are usually taken during breakfast such as bacon, ham, cheese, sausages, tomatoes, peppers, fish, smoked meats and chocolates.

Another amino acid that can make you alert is taurine. This can be found in “energy drinks as well as in coffee, cola or tea. However, if combined with caffeine, this can cause high blood pressure, dehydration and increased heart rate. Most likely, they are also addicting.

Drinks with taurine and caffeine become more dangerous when alcohol is added. It is definitely not recommended for busy and active people who want to maximize productivity. Better go for natural foods that keep you awake. An energy drink has stimulants and alcohol has depressant.

If you really need to stay awake, consider other food choices before taking caffeine or energy drinks. Though they can make you awake for about two hours, heart palpitations and sweating can make you lose focus and shaking. It is more dangerous than helpful. After which you crash and feel tired more than ever.

Another waker is the amino acid called tyrosine. Tyrosin perks up the brain and is found in protein-rich foods.

Iron and protein

If you are one of those busy and active people, take iron because they are one of the foods that keep you awake. Lack of iron causes fatigue. It is common in women since they have menstruation.

Iron is an important part of hemoglobin, the protein which distributes oxygen to the body. Daily dose of iron for women should be 15mg and 10 mg for men. Iron-rich foods are organ meat, liver, oatmeal, clams, tofu and oysters. Taking these foods helps you regain the energy needed to stay awake.

Taking high-protein meals without mixing it with carbohydrates can keep you awake too since protein contains tyrosine.


The most effective step to stay awake and fight fatigue is water. Busy and active people often have water with them. It is a universal drink that can be added to the foods that keep you awake. When you feel drowsy, drink water and you feel the difference immediately. After drinking water, you feel better and your body seems cleaner.

To stay awake, simply eat and drink the right food and beverages and you will find yourself prepared for anything from a boring afternoon to an all-night work.

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