Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Study Effectively – Tips To Become the Top of the Class

To study effectively is the first concern of those aiming to be at the top of the class. To be the best among peers is no joke, especially, if there are other students who are also quite good and you want to surpass. Here is a list of tips on how to study effectively and land the best of your class. Check this out.

Study when you are sharpest. Observe your body-clock when you are sharpest. Morning or evening, just follow it. Then set your hardest materials on this time when you are mentally at best, the easier ones when you are less efficient. Study when you are alert, rested and have planned for it. Last minute studying is usually a waste of time.

Get comfortable with your chair and desk to study effectively. To be at the top of the class is no joke. You have to consider even small things like chairs and desk. Your chair must be comfortable, but not too much; just enough to support your back. Relax your body so that your energy goes to your brain. Your desk must be clear and have only the things you need. Seeing other things like assessments or other bills may distract and increase your anxiety.

Eat small meals in between. Avoid eating big meals especially before a study session. Becoming full can bring your body to “rest” mode and might not be effective for studying.

Drink plenty of water especially when you feel sluggish. Another way to study effectively to stay on top of the class is to avoid so much caffeine. It keeps you awake but can increase anxiety.

Take hourly breaks. It is important to take a break when you feel almost tired. At least once an hour is fine to sustain your focus. When you sit down for a quite a long period, your blood goes to the lower part of your body because of gravity. Stretch during your breaks and walk around to help circulation and release tension. You may extend your breaks if needed.

Have a place and schedule to study. Study at the same place at the same time to get the habit of studying.

Study the exams that came out in the past. It is one of the best ways to study effectively. They contain points and keys that most likely will also come out in the future exams and help you stay on top of the class.

The SQ3R method

SQ3R stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review. Survey gives you the total picture

Survey. Gives you the total scope of your lessons to study. It is like a road map before going to a trip. Surveying is planning. It’s the best way to begin.

Question. Ask questions. They are very important to learning. It helps you find the points that make sense to you.

Read. Read with concentration, not just skimming. Scan. Read and study effectively. Look for the answers of the questions you have plotted. Read everything including tables, graphs and illustrations. Watch for italized or bold materials. Emphasis are put on them. Very helpful tip to stay on top of the class.

Recite. Stop every now and then to recall what you have read. Recite to yourself. Recall main headings, important concepts and ideas.

Review. A review is a summary of what you have studied. Rereading, if needed is important. Go over your notes and clarify things that are not clear to you. Review after every study, not just before an examination. If you review regularly, examination time can just be easy for you.

These tips have proven to be strategies of successful students to study effectively and maintain their status of staying on top of the class. Studying is thinking, organizing and learning in school. Tried and tested, these tips make the students succeed in their goals and make a good reputation for themselves. Since they are already proven, you just need to implement them.

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